eCommerce Best Practices

Social Paid Media

Facebook Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager? Facebook developed Business Manager to establish an overall platform or tool for businesses to utilize. It’s meant to be an

Facebook Domain Verification

What is Facebook domain verification? Domain verification in Facebook’s Business Manager allows you the ability to be able to claim certain ownership of your website

Facebook Event Tracking

What is Facebook event tracking? The Facebook events setup tool allows you to add events that are based on page views or clicks without you

Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook advertising? Facebook ads are paid messages from your business that is written in your voice and will help reach the people who

Instagram Advertising

What is Instagram advertising? Similar to Facebook, with popularity comes clutter, and breaking through the clutter organically to make a real impact can feel nearly impossible.

Look-a-like Audiences

What are look-a-like (LAL) audiences? Look-a-like audiences is a feature in the Facebook ads manager that allows you to upload your email database so that Facebook

Product Catalog Ads

What are product catalog ads? Facebook defines a catalog as a ‘container that holds information about your inventory, like images, prices, descriptions and more’. You

Unique Tracking Links

What are unique tracking links?  Unique tracking links are used to report the effectiveness of different marketing activities. For example, if you’re hosting an event and

Facebook Advanced Matching

What is Facebook advanced matching? Facebook’s Automatic Advanced Matching feature allows Facebook to take user submitted data such as email, first and last name, date

Social A/B Testing

What is A/B or split testing in Facebook ads? A/B testing, also called split testing, is a tactic by which you test variables in your

Facebook Retargeting

What is Facebook retargeting? Facebook retargeting is when a user visits your website and doesn’t purchase (usually 98% of first time visitors) they are ‘cookied’ or