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What is Facebook event tracking?

The Facebook events setup tool allows you to add events that are based on page views or clicks without you having to manually make any changes yourself such adding new codes yourself. 

With this new Facebook events setup tool, it is ‘code-less’ so you can add specific actions to trigger for event codes to your website without all the technical development processes that other marketing platforms require. 

Why is Facebook event tracking important?

Facebook events setup tool is an important feature to have as it allows you the ability to push and pursue data from your website or any landing pages on Facebook. This allows you to gather all data and learn how your customers interact with your site. 

How to?

We understand that the process of implementing Facebook events setup tool can be quite intimidating so, we’ve simplified the process in these easy steps. 

The first step is to ensure you have installed Facebook Pixel Events. If you have not, you can install by either: 

  1. Connecting to a partner platform
  2. Manually installing the code yourself 
  3. Emailing instructions for a developer to install 

Once your Facebook Pixel Events is installed, you need to set up the tool. This can be achieved by firstly signing into your Ads Manager account. Once signed in, you can locate the ‘Events Manager’ tab and select the desired pixel. 

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