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Helping small business grow online

eCommerce marketing is complex and almost impossible for small business owners to go it alone.

The complexities of eCommerce can be overwhelming, even if you have digital experience. Not only that, real digital experts are in demand and expensive, now more than ever.

We founded ‘with Small Business’ to create an easier, more affordable way for small business owners to access expert eCommerce marketing advice, tools and support.

Claudia North, Co-Founder

About our Co-Founder

Claudia North is a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) with over 25 years experience specializing in eCommerce marketing strategy for small businesses and the creator and author of The eCommerce Growth Framework™.

Claudia has worked with businesses not only in Australia, but also across Asia and North America as well as founding her own eCommerce businesses.

Her first eCommerce business was established almost 15 years ago. Claudia was a solopreneur, developed her own website, established manufacturing in China and sold her products globally.

Claudia has since sold her company and the innovative product sales are thriving online with thousands of 5 star reviews and is sold today in over 30 countries.

This experience gave Claudia a strong appreciation and understanding for the challenges in scaling small business in the eCommerce environment.

You can read more about Claudia at

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Our Why​

We are passionate about helping small business owners grow sustainable and successful eCommerce businesses.

Our Vision

To significantly increase the success rate of small eCommerce businesses globally by 2025.

Our Mission​

To make expert eCommerce advice affordable for all small businesses globally.

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