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What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook developed Business Manager to establish an overall platform or tool for businesses to utilize. It’s meant to be an all-in-one platform that allows you to freely organize and manage any account that you own that is associated with any business you manage. Business Manager can hold multiple pages and serves as a place to manage elements associated with your business’s online advertising presence. Such elements include: 

Business tools 

The purpose of business tools is to help website owners or any individuals that are associated with the aforementioned website to better understand their products and services provided and assist these individuals and businesses to reach their potential and current customers better. Such business tools being offered by Facebook include: 

  • Facebook Pixel 
  • Conversions API 
  • App Events (Facebook SDK) 
  • Offline Conversion 
  • App Events (API) 

Facebook Assets 

Assets are all pages or accounts that you manage. The purpose of Facebook Assets is to assist in providing more control to the user and increasing your business’ overall visibility. Such assets offered in Facebook Business Manager include: 

  • Facebook Pages 
  • Pixels 
  • Ad Account 
  • Instagram Account

Why is Facebook Business Manager important?

It’s an important tool for all businesses to utilize. It’s especially useful for its productivity aspects, allowing you to take advantage of having all of Facebook’s advertising and business management tools in one spot. Each business tool provides significant assistance for the user such as:

Facebook Pixel 

  • Serves as a form of coding for your website that allows you the opportunity to measure and optimize your audiences for all of your advertising campaign efforts. 
  • The pixel works when a visitor visits your website through a Facebook Ad. They visit your website by taking an action and clicking on the Ad that you promoted using Facebook. 
  • Facebook Pixels also allows you the opportunity to create a custom audience to ensure you will be able to reach the same customer again.  

Conversions API 

  • Conversions API works by allowing any advertisers to share online events and customer actions from your server to Facebook
  • It works with Facebook Pixels to increase and optimize the performance and measurement of the Facebook Ad campaigns you have produced
  • The purpose of conversions API is to allow you the opportunity to have more control over the data you want to be shared, where it should be shared, and when. 

Facebook App Event Tracking

  • The purpose of App Event Tracking is to track all forms of actions that involve a key event. This can include when someone installs an app or purchases an item. 
  • This is achieved through 3 types of events – Automatically (Facebook SDK automatically logs), Standard (Facebook logs popular events), and Custom (you create specific events) 

Offline Conversions 

  • Offline Conversions work through connecting offline data to Facebook 
  • Its purpose is to continue to track offline events that aren’t always captured when using Facebook Pixel or App Event Tracking through SDK 

Additionally, within each page you own and manage, you can take overall control of any resources you employ and ensure that they have the right tools when managing your page. 

Facebook Business Manager has multiple access levels that you can use to delegate to the appropriate individual in charge of managing your page. These access roles include: 

  • Admin access – Obtain complete, full control of your entire page. They can adjust any settings, add any members and accounts and utilize any tools and assets. 
  • Employee access – They can work on accounts and tools that have been assigned to them by the Admin. 
  • Finance analyst – Can see all financial transactions, invoices, and payment methods. 
  • Finance editor – Can edit financial information such as credit card details and financial information.
  • Standard access – Admin allows you to work on specific projects only.

It’s just the one account under your profile for as many pages as you like to manage. 

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