Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is one of my favorite tactics for small businesses – because for little investment you can significantly increase your revenue.

Other than your revenue figure, this is potentially the next most important metric for online business owners.

CRO is when you make changes to your website that improve your users journey and therefore increases your website conversion rate.

CRO – Conversion Rate Formula:

To calculate your conversion rate you divide the number of sales by the total number of visitors during a given time frame. And then multiply by 100 as it is usually expressed as a percentage, as seen below:

conversion rate formula

In my Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass* on ‘Best Practice Tactics to Increase Your Website Conversion’ I cover a number of best practices for both your homepage and your product page.

If you have these pages well optimized, then here are some best practices for your checkout pages:

  1. Capture email address first as this will allow you to send an abandoned cart email if someone gets distracted whilst checking out in your store
  2. Reduce the length of your checkout form
  3. Provide several payment methods
  4. Maintain brand consistency so the customer experience seamless
  5. Break down total costs, ie. shipping, taxes, discounts etc.

Make sure your checkout process works well on mobile.

You can read further on checkout page optimization in this Instapage article.
*My Conversion Rate Optimisation Masterclass is included in our  Growth Membership and is located under the ‘Webinars‘ menu in our eCommerce Growth Platform.