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What is home page optimization?

Optimizing your home page structure means improving and enhancing the customer journey flow so as to retain your visitors for longer and guide them deeper into your website.

There are many features you can play with on the home page to improve your conversion metrics including:

  • a simple menu, it is recommended to have 5-7 main links
  • your strong unique selling proposition (USP) in the hero banner section above the fold stating why your company is different
  • a credibility bar that builds trust and gives the user confidence in your brand
  • displaying your best / top products or services and adding a short description, awesome images and link them directly to the product page.
  • customer testimonials by adding reviews or testimonials to your home page. Make sure you select the best ones and that you use the right layout to increase credibility. 
  • adding your latest blog posts as we know content is very important
  • adding social media icons to your website as well as a live Instagram feed if you have evergreen content. We recommend adding social media icons to the footer. Social icons aren’t just about visitors joining your community. A significant number of new visitors will go to your social channels to get a better sense of your brand and what you stand for
  • adding Call-To-Actions above the fold. Your “Buy Now” button should be in the visible part of the home page. This is a very simple and logical tactic, that again isn’t always well executed – so it’s worth double checking on your website. It is also important to check how your website looks across all devices
  • live chat is one of the more flexible tools you can use on your website. It helps you answer questions that new prospects might have as they are visiting your site as well as supporting your customers in need of help real time.

Why is optimizing your home page structure important?

Your home page is the most important page when it comes to optimization and impact on your conversion rate. If your home page doesn’t adequately engage your visitors then ultimately your conversion rate will suffer.

The average conversion rate has gone down to 2.27% according to GrowCode in 2021.

Do you know what your conversion rate is?

Do you have your home page optimize to drive an effective conversion rate?

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