Ever wondered how your ad position and click-through-rates (CTR) impact your conversion rate?

We all want to rank first for our Google ads – however did you know that being in the number one position means you are going to pay more for your conversions.

So rather than focusing on your ads position, if you focus on gaining a higher CTR your cost per conversion will come down. The reason being that a higher CTR is usually correlated with better consumer engagement, therefore driving a higher conversion rate and lower cost per conversion.

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What this SEM campaigns health means for you

  1. Make sure that your Google Ads copy is aligned with the copy on your landing page from the ads you are running.
  1. Understand your metrics – reach (impressions), CTR, conversion rate and cost per conversion. Then look at the tradeoff between volume of traffic versus efficiencies of your spend and campaign objectives.
  1. Digital is always changing – so continue testing as a part of your ongoing advertising strategy.

Our resident Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expert, Kenny Tse recently shared this topic and full article in our members platform.

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