Instagram along with other social channels can often be the highest performing channel when it comes to assisting conversions to purchase.

Assisted conversions are interactions that lead to a conversion, however they are not the final source, ie. the last interaction of the conversion point for the audience. All interactions on a conversion path (except the last interaction) are assisted conversions.

I appreciate the rut we can get into when developing content for social media. Here is a list of 10 video content ideas to inspire your content:

  1. Behind the scenes
  2. A day in the life
  3. Answer FAQs
  4. Product spotlights
  5. User generated content
  6. Educate your audience
  7. Storytime
  8. Tutorials
  9. Something that just makes sense
  10. Your ‘why’

You can see examples in this Planoly article.

Here is a list of Instagram tips to make your account work harder for you and assist your website conversions

  1. Use a private Instagram viewer to check out what your competition is doing
  2. Optimisation of your brand name as this is a searchable keyword element
  3. Download Instagram videos
  4. Link to Instagram videos in your Stories
  5. Conceal hashtags on Instagram Stories
  6. Post at the right moment

Some of these hacks are quite clever, you can read more about them in this article from TechDay.

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