Email Deliverability Rate

Email deliverability is one of the top digital trends, which measures how many of your marketing emails are hitting your audiences inbox. Now there is a lot you can do to make sure your content has the best chance of delivery. For example, avoiding overused spam words is a big one. See this article by ActiveCampaign on 188 spam words to avoid.

The other major contributor is the deliverability performance of your email marketing platform. Email Tool Tester runs deliverability tests across most of the major email marketing platforms and kindly publish their findings.

In summary, anything over 89% is considered a good rate, the average deliverability rate is between 83-89%. Anything below 80% they suggest there are delivery issues that should be looked into.

How does your email platform stack up?

Email Deliverability Test Results, April 2022

Components of storytelling in ads

YouTube analyzed thousands of ads to determine the best techniques to drive results. Although this work is focussed on YouTube data, I think the technique is a great one that you can use in any video ads you are developing for any digital channels.

They call it the ABCD:

  • Attention
  • Branding
  • Connection
  • Direction

To see how they apply it, have a look at this very cute visual example. Make sure you click through all the way to the end to see how they vary the ad based on different campaign objectives.

The global state of digital 2022

Every year Hootsuite does a huge digital study and they have just released an updated version with new insights about social, search, eCommerce and digital advertising. Take a moment to check out these top takeaways from the study.

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