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What is a cart page?

Cart pages are a critical aspect to your eCommerce website design. While they may just look like another step in the customer journey they are critical for customers as they utilise this page to compile the list of items they want to purchase. It’s like a digital shopping cart before they make their way to the checkout. 

Why is a cart page important?

This is an important page for all eCommerce websites to implement as it allows the user to compile the list of items they intend to purchase and then they can checkout in one go. Alternatively, if an eCommerce website did not have a cart page, customers would have to individually check out each item one by one. 

Having a successful cart page is critical to the success of customers checking out easy and simply particularly if you have an offering where customers buy multiple items in one shop. Some of the key best practices include: 

Efficient product summary page

Customers want to be able to visually see what they intend to purchase and to ensure all details are correct before they pursue to check out. Generally speaking, this page should provide every important detail about the product such as including the actual name, any specific unique features and benefits relevant to that particular product such as sizing and colour, quantity intended to be purchased and price of item. This allows the user to quickly identify an overall view of their shopping experience before checking out. 

Payment options 

These days, gone are the traditional ways to pay and there is a greater preference to using sites such as PayPal and payment defer methods such as AfterPay and ZipPay. This should be clearly outlined in your cart page as it helps the user identify the type of payment options available. On occasion, it is these alternative payment options that help the customer pursue their checkout processes because they prefer the convenience of these options.  

Contact assistance 

One of the key determining factors of purchasing from a particular site is the visibility of contact assistance. There has been a growing interest in sites that have a live chat feature as live assistance. This provides an ease of mind for the user as they are able to speak to an actual person like they would in store. Having an active live chat in the cart page also provides an opportunity to assist in increasing conversions, develop brand loyalty and trust. 

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